Food For Termites

As the weather warms up this spring, Mother Nature starts to activate many of the members of her family. And one of the most bothersome of those, at least for homeowners in North Texas, is subterranean termites. The warmer, moist soil gives them an ideal atmosphere to search for more wood to chew on, and […]

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It’s Termite Time!

In the North Texas region (and in many other areas) spring weather is a WELCOME PARTY for many pests. The warmer temperatures and spring rainfall create an optimum atmosphere for insect populations to explode.

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Preventative Termite Treatment Options

Subterranean termites can be a very challenging problem for a homeowner. They are often not visible but are doing extreme damage inside walls and other hidden areas. They might be active for several years before you realize you are sharing your home with them. By then, you may have to spend thousands of dollars to […]

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Common Rodent Information Regarding North Dallas Homes

There are common issues as it relates to rodents in Dallas homes. Many homeowners are aware of this growing problem, but there are many that still are not. The 2018 season is showing aggressive rodent population growth with limited, if any, decline. The fact of the matter is, rodent population pressure is here to stay. […]

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Termite Swarm Season in North Texas

Did you know that it is termite swarm season in Texas? Termites have swarmed in North Texas around Easter, or tax deadline day (April 15th), for over 100 years. This begs the question: What is a termite swarm? Well, in my professional opinion, it is our finest world example of two things: mating season and […]

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Why Should You Consider Pest Control For Your Home During Spring

It is that time of the year when spring has sprung, and everyone has spring fever! With that, the fresh blossoms and leaves on trees, and spring flowers in landscapes and natural settings are springing up everywhere. They are beautiful to see and are very relaxing.

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