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All Pest Solutions is dedicated to providing quality pest control services at affordable prices to all of our customers. No contract pest control with many different options to suit your needs; what else could you want?

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Find out what All Pest Solutions can do for your termite problems. We give you many detailed options that can fit your needs and budget. We provide all the information you need to know to make the best possible decision.

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If you are having problems with wildlife in your home or business; All Pest Solutions is here for you. Let us help you humanely remove and prevent wildlife from making a home out of your home. Call or contact us for a free estimate***.

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When it comes to rodents and other invasions you need a quick and effective strategy, and that's where we can take over. View our additional services to help eliminate your problem.


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Termite, Pest Control and Animal Removal in Plano, Wylie, Dallas TX and Surrounding Areas

All Pest Solutions services residential and commercial properties with pest control in Plano, Dallas, and the surrounding areas. With over twenty years of experience our staff is ready to eliminate any problems you may have; handling all of your pest and termite needs, big or small. We stand by our everyday low price philosophy and have a no-contract policy for our pest control services, and general terms for our termite services. We pride ourselves in superior treatment standards, which today, is seemingly hard to find in many other pest control companies. We value our customers and consider it an honor and privilege to serve them, no matter if you are looking for a one-time or reoccurring pest control service. Whether you have basic bugs such as: carpenter ants, fire ants, crazy ant, crickets, earwigs, spiders, American roaches, German roaches and rodents of all kinds or the all elusive and structure destroying termites; we can solve your problem. In today's industry we are also faced with the up and coming bed bugs. Don't let bed bugs over-run your home or business; let us prevent major infestations of any of these pests. All Pest Solutions is not your average exterminating company. Our Plano pest control services specialize in value, integrity and trust and we look forward to you becoming a part of the family.


Types and Frequency of Pest Control and Termite Service - Click "Services" tab above for more info!

We give you options for your pest control or termite treatment and you pick the rest. All Pest Solutions does not offer a "one-size" fits all with our Plano pest control and termite treatment options; we create a detailed plan to protect your home or business in a way that you want and need. Service frequencies vary from what it takes to treat a certain pest to how often you want to have your home or business serviced. We offer one time, quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly, and other reoccurring services. Our pest control service coverage in Dallas and surrounding areas are second to none.

One of the biggest threats to your property is termites. Virtually every structure at some point will come under attack of these wood destroying insects. With 288 species of termites there can be as many as twelve to fourteen subterranean termite colonies per acre; these odds make it likely for a structural attack. Let us guard and eliminate your home or business from termites by treatment, and or our premium Termite Protection Plan.

Don't worry we also offer additional services that specialize in treating severe rodent and snake infestations, flying insects, and other pests not included in general service. Don't live with rats and mice; let us take care of those problems, and you definitely don't want to leave it up to the snakes. Copperhead snakes, grass-snakes, and rat snakes are our most common of the snake invaders in the Dallas area. Check out our flea treatments also; fleas can be very difficult to treat, but no worries we can help. We offer preventative measures which include, stuffing your weep holes with copper mesh to keep out invading pests such as: spiders, ants, centipedes, scorpions, mice and snakes. For other preventative services visit our “Service” page.

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Pest control Dallas, Plano, Wylie, and surrounding areas.

Pest Control and Termite Service in Plano, Dallas, and Surrounding Areas

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