Termite Swarm Season in North Texas

Did you know that it is termite swarm season in Texas? Termites have swarmed in North Texas around Easter, or tax deadline day (April 15th), for over 100 years. This begs the question: What is a termite swarm? Well, in my professional opinion, it is our finest world example of two things: mating season and compound interest.

To better understand a termite swarm, let’s back up a minute and talk a little bit about termites. Termites live in the ground in a colony about the size of a football/basketball. Somewhere below the frost line and above the water table (approx. 3-5 feet). They are a social insect much like ants. There are six members, and they all have duties and tasks. They work together for the greater good of the colony.

An average colony for Eastern Subterranean termites will have a million members. This is considered a mature colony. A mature colony will produce winged members, which are called swarmers or alates. These swarmers are half males and half females and are designed to go forth and procreate. If just one pair of these swarmers mate and survive, in five years from their inception, they will be a colony of a million strong of their own. As you can see, mating season and compounded interest of termites swarming annually for over a million years guarantees that there will always be plenty of termites.

Swarm season is the window of time, usually mid-April for North Texas, when the queen of a termite colony decides to turn them loose. It has EVERYTHING to do with the weather. It all starts with warm nights (above 60 degrees). There is usually a rain. The weather will typically be humid but not windy, and the barometric pressure must be just right. When all these stars align…BOOM! She releases the swarmers. A swarm can vary in size, but 10-20 thousand is not out of the ordinary.

Most homeowners find out they have come under attack by termites when a swarm occurs in their home or business. This can be quite alarming, disturbing, and even scary for a property owner for sure. If you experience this, as difficult as it sounds, just take a deep breath. It is not as bad as it seems, but it will also not be resolved in the next few minutes.

These swarms cannot re-infest your home. They are not even capable of doing damage. They are merely symptoms of the bigger problem. They will die naturally within an hour or so. Now, please realize that what happened to you just happened to others simultaneously across the metroplex, so be patient when calling a pest management professional. They literally could have taken hundreds of calls just like yours. Waiting a day, a week, or even a month is not going to make things worse. Just don’t put it off for months or years.

Also, this is not a job for the DIY-er. Call a professional. All Pest Solutions is one of the best in the business when it comes to termite control services . If you are experiencing a swarm, give us a call. Got pests? Call the best! 972-442-1169.
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