Food For Termites

As the weather warms up this spring, Mother Nature starts to activate many of the members of her family. And one of the most bothersome of those, at least for homeowners in North Texas, is subterranean termites. The warmer, moist soil gives them an ideal atmosphere to search for more wood to chew on, and we, the homeowners continue to furnish lumber for them.

They may be showing up outside, eating on fallen limbs from trees, your firewood stored on the ground, or on scrap lumber laying around, but they could also be hidden under your floor coverings or inside the walls of your home, doing damage you won’t discover until the walls start to sag, or you see small holes coming through the surface. They do many millions of dollars of damage every year throughout the state of Texas.

All Pest Solutions has started to promote another method of termite control. It utilizes a well-established system called Sentricon®, the best termite baiting system worldwide. It was first
created by Dr. Nan-Yao Su, an entomologist with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. He tested some bait compounds, in 1989, to see which was most effective on termites and determined that hexaflumuron was the best. Dow AgroSciences teamed with him and they developed the Sentricon® bait delivery system to be used by the professional pest management market. They established over 100 research sites throughout the United States, working with various universities and the USDA Forest Service. From these efforts, Dow was able to develop the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System. In 1994, Dow AgroSciences was able to receive EPA registration for the baiting system. It was the first product ever to be registered under the EPA’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. Studies show that noviflumuron has a low acute mammalian toxicity so it should have no effect on a dog.

In 1995, several Authorized Operators were trained across the U.S. Over 600 commercial sites were installed and the success of the system to control termites has increased immensely. The bait matrix was later improved and renamed noviflumuron. Sentricon® has now been used to treat over 4 million structures across the United States.

In 2015, Dow was able to receive a U. S. patent protection on the product. The baiting system is still known as Sentricon®, but the bait matrix now has the trade name, Recruit® HD.

Recruit® HD is always active, and the formulation is highly durable and desirable to termites as a food source. Field studies indicate that very tough environments do not affect the bait natively. It is durable enough to last for years. If we find a bait that has only one-third of its volume remaining, we will replace it. We do inspect the system on an annual basis, and replace it as needed but research has shown that seasoned bait is more preferred by termites than fresh bait. The bait is highly durable against long term exposure to fungus and moisture. Cracked bait is also good to keep because worker termites feel more protected if the can work from the inside.

However, if you prefer a product from the Reduced Risk category, Sentricon® is a fantastic choice. The Sentricon® stations are installed around the outside perimeter of the structure at about ten feet intervals and a few feet away from the roof drip line. The stations are about two inches in diameter with a four-inch cap. They are inserted about twelve inches into the ground. The station is not very noticeable because the surface is green and flat. They are seldom damaged by lawn equipment because they are level with the soil surface.

The Sentricon® system is owned by DowDuPont and remains under there ownership. All Pest Solutions is the local agent for Dow, and we maintain the system for you and them. If you keep the service agreement updated with us and cover the cost of the annual renewal, it will protect your property from the subterranean termites. If you or a future owner decide to discontinue the service, our staff, or a member of the Dow team will remove the stations. It is advisable that you keep the system in place and keep the termites around your structure under control.

Worker termites from a colony on surrounding property may travel through an underground tunnel to your lot, or a new colony may develop after a mating swarm in your neighborhood. It is wise to keep the Sentricon® system in place to feed them if that happens. Termites may migrate from about 200 feet away, so you should always be on the lookout for them.

If you have questions about Sentricon® or you are interested in a quote to install the system, either for residential or commercial property, please contact us. We will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

ALL PEST SOLUTIONS offers complete general pest control services, as well as rodent and wildlife control from Dallas east to the Terrell area, to Greenville, and back to Denton and surrounding area. We are a family owned business with about twelve employees, offering the ultimate in value, integrity, and trust. Contact us at or call us at (972) 442-1169.
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