Why Should You Consider Pest Control For Your Home During Spring

It is that time of the year when spring has sprung, and everyone has spring fever! With that, the fresh blossoms and leaves on trees, and spring flowers in landscapes and natural settings are springing up everywhere. They are beautiful to see and are very relaxing.

But we aren’t the only ones to enjoy them. They create a wonderful natural habitat for rodents and insects that can be a nuisance. While sitting on the outside enjoying all the beautiful sights, be on the lookout for pest critters that also love these settings. Rodents like it because it might offer a place to hide and scout for food. Squirrels can easily prowl for acorns or pecans that might have fallen from nearby trees. Rats and mice are attracted to these areas for the same reasons. Mosquitoes, roaches, beetles, flies, or ants are here because of the blooms, aphids or just for a place to rest.

Mosquitoes will be very active because of recent rain, and will soon be everywhere searching for a blood meal. The eggs are now hatching in ponds, streams, drainage systems, or any standing water near your home. Be sure also to inspect gutters for low areas between drain spouts. It is a great time to eliminate any of these you might have access to. If this isn’t an option, mosquito dunks can be a valuable tool to help control them. Professional pest control operators have access to similar products that are more effective because the dunks loose the effectiveness when they dry out after the water evaporates or drains away. The professional product doesn’t lose its effectiveness and reactivates when it is wet again.

If your house has a pier and beam foundation, be certain water is not standing underneath it in the crawl space. Plumbing leaks can create this problem, but it is common for overwatering with an irrigation system causes it. Moisture under a house will not only create breeding sights for pests, but also can cause wood rot, invite termites, or cause mold issues. Be certain you are monitoring your sprinkler and drainage system to help prevent this from happening.

If you have a problem or questions with any of these situations, contact ALL PEST SOLUTIONS to help correct them.
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