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Outside of our general treatment we offer extra services to help manage the most persistent pests. On every service invoice there is a list of our additional services. One of our policies is “no hidden charges” so making our customers aware of added features is necessary. Possible extra services are below:


Additional Rodent Boxes

Our Service:

When faced with an infestation of rodents the use of additional rat/mice feeding boxes is always a great idea. We also have live catchall monitors that can be used to observe insect and mice regulation. These monitors are a small box, approximately the same size as a glue board, the glue board inserts into the box. Rather than having open glue boards these monitors are enclosed for areas that may come in contact with things like: children, pets, etc. We will price any and or all of them for you upon your request. Call for more details!



Our Service:

Occasionally at the time of your service your technician may come across some areas that may need caulking to help stop the entry of several pests. Call for more details!


Copper-Meshing of Weep Holes

Our Service:

Almost every home has weep holes, they are a small “gap” to allow your home ventilation into the walls. Weep holes serve as a fantastic entry way for all types of bugs, especially spiders. Here at All Pest we will insert a copper mesh material into these gaps to prevent these pesky  bugs from entering your home or business, but still allowing air circulation. This service is a onetime charge and virtually lasts forever. We highly recommend copper mesh; it is well worth the small investment. Call for more details!


Fire Ant Coverage

Our Service:

Fire ants are covered (up to 5,000 sq ft) in our normal pest control service, unlike our competitors. Many customers have additional acreage that they want serviced to eliminate the fire ant population. However large the area we can handle it, contact us for details.


Flea Treatments

Our Service:

All Pest solutions offers an exterior and interior flea treatment; depending on the circumstance.  We will provide you with a plan to help control your flea problems.

A single flea treatment whether inside or outside is a thing of the past.  A follow up treatment in seven (7) to ten days as well as a monthly treatment for at least three (3) months in a row is vital for control.  Notice we said “control” not “eradication”. Call for more details! 

Signs to look for: Click here for more details!


Where do I start?  Ten years ago fleas were not difficult to treat or control, matter of fact, most companies covered fleas under a normal service performed on whatever frequency you were on.  That is not the case anymore.  The removal of products such as Diazinon, Dursban, Malithion and Lindane have made controlling fleas almost impossible.

Fleas at All Pest Solutions is an additional service and sometimes can be a lengthy process to get control.  One thing is for sure….it starts with the animal.  They have to be on a program and you have to change that program regularly or fleas will quickly build up immunity.  Secondly….vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.  I cannot stress this enough.  Vacuuming is paramount to ongoing flea control inside a structure.  Go out and buy flea collars and/or flea powder and put it in your vacuum!  Sounds crazy I know, but it works!  Every time you change a bag or empty canister, put another collar/powder in it.  This needs to be a lifelong process as long as you are an animal owner.

If you will keep your animals on a program, vacuum the inside of home weekly, keep grass cut, keep other animals from entering your yard you can keep this problem manageable.  If this procedure is not followed to the letter, you can plan on the services mentioned above.  We are hopeful as an industry that some new products will be available soon and this process could change.  For now, it’s an all out war to keep fleas surpressed.


Flying Insect Traps / Fly Lights

Our Service:

We offer several devices that you may need to help control your flying insects like mosquitoes, certain wasps, flies, etc. The most popular device is a residential vector light. This light looks like a large night light or a plug in scent that inserts directly into the wall outlet. It attracts virtually any type of flying insect and works great. We also have fly lights, which have a sticky glue board on them to capture the bugs as they fly into the light. Both of these devices can be priced among a brief call to the office.


Live Trapping

Our Service:

Check out our wildlife services page: Click Here



Our Service:

Fogging is an additional service we offer and is used is large void spaces where a “knock down” of targeted insects needs to be achieved.  This is the same as the aerosol can foggers that you can purchase yourself but on a much larger scale.  We do not recommend fogging in most residential applications.  This is more for large commercial warehouse settings.  The negative to this treatment is that it is only effective on insects that are present because there is not residual left.  Call for more details!


Power Dusting

Our Service:

Power dusting is an additional service upgrade.  This is when we take a machine that blows dust into a void space (ie crawl space or attic).  This method is very effective getting a product that is has a long life deep into spaces most products cannot reach.  We as a company to keep costs down don’t add this option into our normal scope of service because it is not always needed.  When we do suggest it our price to perform it is really based on just recovering the additional cost of the product applied because dust can get expensive to apply this way due to volume. Call for more details!


German Roach Infestations

Signs to look for: Click here for more details!

Our Service:

All Pest Solutions offers a specialize service for treating German roaches.  German roaches, unlike all other roach species, when introduced into a structure thrive and reproduce at an unprecendented rate.  When this problem occurs a very focused attack on this problem is eminent to eradicate them.  You either “do” or “don’t” have a German roach problem unlike ants that come and go constantly.  Once a German roach problem is eradicated they don’t come back unless they are re-introduced into the structure.  It is not something we treat for in a residence on a regular basis.   Commercial restaurants on the other hand are a different ball game.

A German roach clean out is one of those services that you “get what you pay for”.  Nine out of 10 calls we get from a homeowner is that they have been battling this problem for months themselves and in many cases have had professional out several times and still have a problem.  Our advice is to bite the bullet, spend the money upfront and solve the problem.  We promise you will save money in the end.  As it relates to residential structures we have a “once and done” proven method that works. Call for more details!


Rodent Exclusion

Our Service:

This service is one of the most popular. Many rodents enter into a home or business through the garage door, even while it is down in the middle of the night while you’re happily sleeping. If you take a look at your door, while it is down, you will notice gaps down beside the door. This is the entry point for the rodents. See rodents follow along side of structure lines and when they come along the slightest entry they will enter. Normally once they’ve entered they will nest up and sooner or later slip into the building while the door is open. Sometimes these rodents will chew holes in the walls and enter your attic where they will gnaw on the loose and dangling wires. To solve the invasion problem we use sheet metal, caulk and craftsmanship to close up those entry points. This service is a onetime charge and is very effective. Note: Sometimes the rubber strip, at the bottom of the garage door, needs to be replaced; this is at the customer’s expense. Call for more details!


Snake Repellent

Our Service:

It is becoming more and more popular that snakes are a threat to homeowners, pets, and children. We sell a product called Snake Away, it is the only product licensed in the United States to repel snakes, and it really works. The product is a combination of Sulphur and ground up moth balls, yes it does have a high odor, but this is how it works. A snake’s sense of smell is his keenest sense so this stout product helps to keep these snakes out. Snake Away is applied by simply pouring it directly on the ground around the property. However this product can be purchased at your local home improvement store, but due to our ability to buy it in bulk it is cheaper for us to purchase it and put it out for you, then it is to do it yourself. Call us for more details!


Snake Removal

Our Service:

All Pest Solutions provides, as an additional service, the removal of snakes from your home or business.  We have a technician that is trained and has all the latest protective gear and equipment to perform this dangerous task.
You will notice I said “A” technician, not multiples.  This is due to several things.

  • Not everyone even pest control technicians are cut out for this task.
  • Specialized equipment and training that goes along with this service is also a factor of why we currently have only one that performs this service.
  • Finally this service is normally not needed all year long mainly in spring and summer.

It is important you, the consumer, understands certain things as it relates to a snake call.  They are as follows:

  • There will always be a service call fee or trip charge associated with dispatching and sending a truck regardless if the snake is caught or not.  The price will be determined on the time of day and distance from office to the call location.
  • There will be a cost above and beyond the service trip charge for catching and removing the snake and/or snakes.  Price is based on how many snakes are caught and how long it took to do so.

It is also important for you the consumer to understand the following:

  • When you call, we may not always be able to come immediately, especially if our technician is already on a call.
  • It is paramount, even if we dispatch immediately, that someone at your location watch the snake until we arrive.  The technician needs to know where the snake is when he arrives if at all possible.
  • We will not risk injury to our technician to remove a snake (ie. Crawling through un-floored attic for removal of snake in attic).

This service is available during season 24 hours a day depending on our technician’s availability.  We contract with some local cities for this service.  This means if you call 911 in some areas for a snake and they will refer you to call us because they have chosen to defer to a licensed professional rather than to put their Animal Control personnel in harm’s way.  I want to be crystal clear:  This is not a free service provided by all cities.  It is merely a recommendation/referral of someone for you to call that can help but the service is not and will not be free or paid for by the city you live in.



Our Service:

All Pest Solutions offers a four step program to help combat and eliminate mosquitoes on your property. The four steps are independent of each other and can be done on a individual basis or all at once. The steps performed are usually based on several variables such as: severity of problem, local weather conditions, price, and on-site technician diagnosis. The final decision always rests with the customer; we give you a detailed solution, and you pick the rest. All treatments we perform are environmentally safe and comply with the Clean Water Act.


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